Breed of the month suggestion for September 2017

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Breed of the month suggestion for September 2017

Postby rick » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:10 pm

It may be because they are a young pullet triad and I haven't had a group like this since the hybrid sisters, but these Cream Legbar girls are an absolute delight to have. They are just adorable!!!
Not exactly friendly, except on their own terms, flighty and hard to catch (makes them very able to look after themselves in a flock as long as there is an escape route and a high perch) but also inquisitive to the point of being cheeky. They remind me very much of Betty Bobster although she was a bit of a Heinz 57.
So here's a shout for keeping the standard (not just the lovely blue eggs) and a popularity that keeps them off the lower end of rarity.

... I have to add that the picture on Wikipedia does them no justice and I have a mind to edit it. Yes, its a Cream Legbar but caught in a less than flattering pose! The soft cream, smokey barring and the pinkish/chestnut breast is beautiful along with the crest, the flighty frame and the lovely delicate face. I understand that the cocks are really something to write home about but, sadly, that would be a step too far around here :(
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Re: Breed of the month suggestion for September 2017

Postby MrsBiscuit » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:44 am

Great tribute :D it's nice to sense the enthusiasm coming through! I am definitely a sucker for a crested bird, out here we get hoopoes, which are magnificent. I've never had a blue egger but when I've looked after them I have found it hard to actually eat the egg, I just want to keep it for best, which is rather stupid!
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Re: Breed of the month suggestion for September 2017

Postby valeriebutterley » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:09 pm

Hello Rick,

yes, proper Cream Legbars are lovely, cheeky fast and funny. Mine are a bit like gigantic robins breast wise. One has a cape that is dark and light and the other ones cape is light and dark. The one with the dark cape was a gift, and she was named Lucy as a chick, mine the one with the light cape is called "Parker"can you guess why? I bet you can!!!!!!!!
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