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Goose Advice needed

Post by ejw » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:05 pm

HI All,

I have a less than ideal situation and I'm after any and all advice on what to do.

Some time ago I was lucky enough to move into a smallholding; included in the sale were some chickens, and a family of Embdens.

The geese are the mating pair and 3 (as they were) goslings (all male). The goslings were hatched last spring and although originally destined for the christmas table, that didn't happen for a number of reasons so now are coming up to 1 year old. The kids are made up of one big fella, bigger than his dad; one slightly smaller, and the poor runt who also has slipped wing.

Everything was going swimmingly; apart from daddy gander putting the kids in their place and hogging the baths they all got on well and were permanently together but come mating season and it all went to pot.

Now daddy gander is having to constantly fend off the lager of the kids (backed up by the other 2) to the point that they can't be within about 20m of each other; goose and gander give the kids a very wide berth whenever possible; we have even had to intervene a couple of times because daddy gander was being ganged up on.

Things seems to have calmed a bit now but it's still not "peaceful".

So, some questions.

Is this just going to happen during mating season?
If not (or even if so, I don't fancy putting up with this every year); what is the best course of action re the kids? The main problem is the larger of the kids, but he is nearly always backed up by #2 leaving the runt generally minding his own business (he often makes the most of this time to eat his wheat, or have a bath in peace).

If we get rid of the larger of the kids will that calm the other 2? Will we need to get rid of both of them? (i don't see anybody wanting the slipped wing runt so we'll happily keep him)

If getting rid is the best option, how? Slaughtering them ourselves is out of the question (for ....reasons); I'd rather they don't end up on somebodies table but if it's the only option..... but I get the feeling the big one would probably make a good mate somewhere else; not sure about #2 though).

Any advice gratefully received.

(yeah, i'll stick with chickens in future :) )
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Re: Goose Advice needed

Post by dorsetduckowner » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:48 am

So sorry for the late reply.
How are your geese getting along now?
Geese are vert territorial in particular seasons and March is breeding time and they get quite aggressive.
They should have all started to regroup and calm down a bit by now, is this the case?
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