Toulouse Geese

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Toulouse Geese

Post by dms6483 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:03 pm

I have 5 Toulouse geese (2 geese and 3 ganders). The ganders are 2 -3 years old and the geese are about 8-9 months old. One of the geese has recently separated herself from the others and we can't figure out why. We let them out of their pen each morning so they can graze in the yard and a couple of weeks ago we let them out and she walked over to the pen where we keep our chickens and stayed there. That's now where she goes when we let them out. We also think she may be laying but can't be sure if it's her or the other female. We have several ducks also and they are laying but some of the eggs we are finding seem to be larger than the duck eggs so we feel they are probably goose eggs. One of our hens has 8 baby chicks that she hatched a week ago and the goose tends to stay close by her. Is she just starting to feel some maternal instinct or what? Is there anything we should do? She hasn't acted like she's wanting to sit. In fact, the eggs we are finding are in random places....never together.
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Re: Toulouse Geese

Post by dorsetduckowner » Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:32 pm

Hi :)

I have a flock of 13 geese and on Valentines weekend the females all start to think about laying and wander off in all sorts of odd places! If she is still eating and seems well in herself I would suspect that she is laying, its very normal at this time of the year. Also if she is young, she is probably learning it all for the first time and may not get it quite right! They lay in some odd places sometimes, just keep an eye on them all as you may need to go off hunting for them if one decides to go broody! The males get very aggressive once their ladies start to incubate the eggs, so watch out!
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