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Newbie with newbie questions

Post by cherokee » Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:54 am

G'day folks

I'm completely new to the forum and to keeping birds.

I'm an ex pat Brit living in central Portugal and a friend and I have bought 6 Muscovy ducks (1 being a drake), seven Aylesbury ducks (we think all female) plus a few hens.

Two of the Muscovy ducks were laying when we bought them and we were told the other females would be laying soon.

We bought the Aylesbury ducks as chicks and they're just about coming into more or less full plumage now.

The Muscovy ducks gave us a few eggs in the first week we had them but they've now stopped laying so can someone give me an idea why that might be and if there's anything we can do to get them restarted please?

Next question is at what age will the Aylesbury ducks start laying please?

Last but not least, I personally want to keep the birds for eggs not for slaughter but my friend wants to slaughter some...... can someone tell me at what age the Aylesbury ducks would be ready for slaughter please?

Thanks in advance
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