Gosling not thriving

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Gosling not thriving

Post by Yvonne » Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:42 pm

Last Weds 29th June we had another Gosling hatch.
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When OH went into chicken house found it on the floor.It had been pecked a little bit by the chickens. There was an injury to the top of it's head, back of it's neck and on it's back next to it's tail. He picked it up thinking it was dead. It's foot moved so he warmed it in his hands and rubbed it, put the heat lamp on and placed it under it. After a bit it was quite lively, trying to jump out. Thursday it was quiet but was drinking and appeared to eat some of the crumbs. At the weekend it was very hot here so OH put it in the wire cat carrier and put it outside next to the others in the dog cage for a few hours going back under the heat lamp. It appeared to enjoy it. Now the weather has changed it has stayed in under the heat lamp.

On Tuesday I picked it up and there was no weight to it and It didn't appear to be as big as I expected, just didn't seem to be growing, neither did it appear to be eating much. I did notice when it eats anything it shakes it's head. It seemed to like grass finally chopped.

Unfortunately have just gone into see it and it suddenly appears very weak and where it has been very vocal, now has that very quiet weak cheep when you know it is about to pass.

I have tried everything I can think of to try and get it to eat but it won't eat enough to keep a flea alive. I don't know what has happened to it or when. It is sooo sad cos it is sooo sweet.
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