I think my duck has severe bumblefoot

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I think my duck has severe bumblefoot

Post by Lily.grace.kay »

My duck has been walking with a bad limp for a while now and it started off with the middle toe being swollen and a scab (I think it was black but with her dark skin its hard to tell). I put her on anti-biotics (in her water) for a week. No effect. I went on holiday for two weeks and when I cam back the swelling had moved up to the heel of her foot. Middle toe still slightly swollen and you can kind of see the old scab on the middle toe. I have been soaking her foot everyday with iodine and epsom salts and then bandaging her foot with neosporin next to it (anti-biotic and pain relief in cream form). Done that for a week but very little effect (just got a tinsy bit softer and possibly lighter). Thinking of doing surgery but I want to be sure that it is bumblefoot before I do that. I am also concerned that there is no scab over the main sweliing so do I just cut into the skin? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I tried to post a photo of he foot but the image is too large...
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Re: I think my duck has severe bumblefoot

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Thanks for your post. It sounds like your duck does have an infection. I suspect she needs a different antibiotic from the vet. I can’t stress This next bit enough, please do not under any circumstances perform surgery on your duck. This kind of procedure needs to be carried out by a vet under general anaesthetic as it would be horrifically painful for your duck without. There are some horrendous videos online showing home surgery which should be taken down as they Cause awful suffering to the birds involved.please take your duck to a vet. It sounds like you really care about it ❤️🦆
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Re: I think my duck has severe bumblefoot

Post by Marigold »

Hi Lily Grace, this may help you post your pics for Dorsetduckowner to see.
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