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Help please

Post by ILoveQuails »

Hello everyone,

I wanted some advice on my quail.

One of my quails keeps opening its beak and pulsing its neck feathers at the same time. It isn't too hot and panting because it is often just chilling on the sofa.

Is this something quails do or should I be worried about illness?

Thanks in advance for any answers :D
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Re: Help please

Post by LadyA »

Sorry you don't appear to have any response yet - and I'm of no help, as I know nothing about quail.

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Re: Help please

Post by Marigold »

Hi IIovequails, what an interesting question. More details would be helpful.
What kind of quails do you have - eg are they Coturnix or are they Chinese Painted? These are very different in their lifestyles.
Is the one you mention a male or a female? Also, how many do you keep together, and are they breeding? It may be that this behaviour is a breeding display.
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