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Re: Hello from France

Post by chrismahon » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:10 am

All our coops are wood, built in England 'flat-packed' to export. It can get quite hot and very windy so having closeable vents on opposite sides totalling at least 10% of the floor area is essential. We have perspex covers to give them light without wind. To keep the sun heat out I'm going to put the multi-layer reflective insulation you can buy here under the felt, but at the moment they are under trees. Often we have to leave the pop-holes open, so we have summer doors to fit in the aperture. Sometimes though we have to leave the access door open and it would be useful to have a mesh one to fit. Hinges sold here allow you to lift doors and windows off, which is very useful. Tongue and groove cladding is at its limits with the humidity changes and we've had some boards drop out of location and need replacing. Sheds down here are built from interlocking planks which allows the whole structure to shrink or grow without affecting the weatherproofing.

We have a Solway plastic coop under the shade of a dense Plane tree, but the ventilation is not sufficient and the door has to be left open.
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