Hello from rainy Kent

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iâr frith
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Hello from rainy Kent

Post by iâr frith »

Hello all

I am a keeper of hens in Maidstone, Kent.

We have 14 hens of various breeds

Hope to learn much here.
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Re: Hello from rainy Kent

Post by Marigold »

Hi iar frith, good to meet you, welcome to the forum. Sorry my iPad doesn’t know how to do a circumflex over your name. (Its autospeller also strongly suggested you must be called Ian, but I expect you get a lot of that.)
Anyway, your flock sounds interesting. Do you breed your own? What sorts do you keep? Looking forward to hearing more about your setup.
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Re: Hello from rainy Kent

Post by Margaid »

Hi Speckled Hen. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your hens and very glad that Maidstone and Deal are a good distance apart!

How did you manage to put the circumflex on the a?

For those who won't know, it affects the pronunciation of iar by changing where the emphasis should be. Oh and Welsh usually puts the noun before the adjective, so literally translated our new member would be "hen speckled".

(Well with a name like mine I ought to know!) :D
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Re: Hello from rainy Kent

Post by bigyetiman »

Hi and welcome to the forum from the other side of the river in Essex. looking forward to seeing pics of your hens and hearing about them.

Thanks for the pronunciation tip Margaid. You should be doing lockdown Welsh on here for us :D
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