Zoo Shield

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Zoo Shield

Post by DEAS » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:36 am

First of all I would like to thank the admin for allowing me to post this advert. It is very much appreciated.

My name is Debra MacGregor and I run a business called Debonaire Exotic Animal Supplies http://debonaireexoticanimalsupplies.com/

If I may I would like to tell you about a product for which we have recently been appointed UK Distributor.

The product is called Zoo Shield and it is a water-based antimicrobial nanotechnology for application to animal habitats and accessories. Zoo Shield works by creating an invisible long-lasting antimicrobial barrier that continuously kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and mould and fungal spores when applied to a new or newly cleaned surface.

Due to this invisible barrier, Vitec Max Zoo Shield helps to prolong the life of the treated surface, protecting the surface ensuring it does not discolour or need constant cleaning. Vitec Max Zoo Shield is hydrophobic; in that it helps to repel water and stains and also helps to make the cleaning of the surfaces easier. Zoo Shield are unrivalled by competitors and in addition to removing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, also prevents the odour caused by bacteria.

In simplistic terms, the Zoo Shield is sprayed to the surface of say incubators, brooders, poultry enclosures etc. The Zoo Shield as it dries, forms a molecular bond on the surfaces. Now if you imagine minute pin pricks sticking out from this surface and the bacteria, viruses, mould and fungal spores as being being balloons, the balloons are attracted to the pins and upon impact they burst and die.

Please see http://deas-zooshield.com/zoo-shield-technical-data/

Once the Zoo Shield has bonded to the surface, it is completely harmless to all poultry and indeed other animals. As the product mechanically kills bacteria, viruses, mould and fungal spores they can't actually mutate as a defence against the product. The surfaces can be washed with warm water or a mild disinfectant as part of normal routine maintenance / hygiene and the protection stays in place. Harsh chemicals ( which are not required ) or heavy scrubbing can damage the molecular surface though.

Disinfectants kill bacteria etc by leaching into them but most disinfectants have quite a short life and bacteria, virurses etc begin growing, multiplying within a very short period of time. Zoo Shield can CONTINUOUSLY KILL these bacteria etc for up to a year, however for maximum protection ( if surfaces have been scrubbed / scraped etc ) we recommend retreating every 3 months or so.

Another by product of Zoo Shield is that most odours are bacteria based and as Zoo Shield also kills these bacteria, odours are reduced.

As mentioned Zoo Shield also helps reduce staining. Due to the microscopic layer on the surface, urine etc does not actually reach the surface of the enclosure as the Zoo Shiled stops it. As it can't touch the enclosure surface, it cant stain or tarnish it. The animicrobial layer also makes cleaning / washing easier as the dirt is sitting on top of the microbial layer and not stuck to the surface of the enclosure.

Please see the testimonial page http://deas-zooshield.com/testimonials/ where you will see a testimonial from the Domestic Fowl trust who use Zoo Shield themselves and also sell the product via their retail outlet.

A number of zoo's, animal based colleges and retail outlets are also taking this product on as it has a very wide ranging use ( across many species of animals ), so if you keep other animals besides poultry, this product is also suitable.

Zoo Shield 500ml Ready To Use is £9.99 + p&p

Zoo Shield 1 Litre Concentrate is £29.99 + p&p. This makes over 16 litres of Zoo Shield and treats up to 153m squared.

The concentrate is available in 5L and 10L sizes for the keeper with larger collections, prices on request. info@debonaireexoticanimalsupplies.com

The products are also available to retail outlets, please contact via e mail for pricing.

Thank you for taking the time to look and if you require any more information, please don't hesitate to contact via here or to info@debonaireexoticanimalsupplies.com

Kind Regards

Debonaire Exoctic Animal Supplies
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Re: Zoo Shield

Post by chrismahon » Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:17 pm

Hi Debra. Have you any independent references? Everyone has read the adverts but doesn't believe them (wisely) until they have truly independent reports. Accepting that many a good product has died without them what have you got?
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Re: Zoo Shield

Post by tygrysek75 » Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:46 pm

This is very interesting :D
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