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Business Sellers Please Read Before Posting

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 1:55 pm
by Poultrykeeper Admin
A few simple rules for business advertising ;)

We allow sensible / relevant posts from businesses selling poultry related equipment, however, we do sometimes have exclusive agreements with our paid advertisers not to advertise certain competing products so please ask a moderator before posting.

You are welcome to tell us about your company and the (poultry related) products you sell. You may also post a single link either to your homepage or products but this link must be to a poultry related site. (we don't want to be blacklisted.... :roll: ) and please include a link from somewhere on your site back to us so that we can pick up a few visitors as well.

Finally, please do not post excessive amounts of adverts, one advert per month is quite enough.

Periodically this forum will automatically prune very old posts without activity.

Any adverts that we deem are unsuitable or do not meet these rules or our overall site rules will be removed.

Thank you for your understanding.