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Dangers to keeping chickens :)

Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:45 pm
by tygrysek75
When I saw this let me tell you i can relate to this what about you

Re: Dangers to keeping chickens :)

Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:00 pm
by Marigold
Oh Yes!
Every time I go down to the run, I greet them with 'Hello girlies, how are you all today?"
And they all scramble to be first to be trodden underfoot when I open the door of the run, except for Saffron, the Brown Leghorn, who does vertical takeoff and clings to the mesh of the run door, and then falls off on me when it opens.
Then I go in with their mash and greens and tell them what they have that day - "Lovely sprout tops today, girls, and some shredded cabbage, with your beautiful warm mash. Now, who has been a good girl today? Who has laid a lovely egg? Oh dear -which naughty girl slept in the nestbox and did that big poo? Was it you, Marigold? You know Mummy doesn't like you to do that."
By then they are bolting down the mash as if they hadn't had any food since yesterday, and I continue talking to them and enquiring about their day, much to the bemusement of the next door neighbour....
The good thing about having a dog and some hens is that you can talk to them, which somehow doesn't feel quite so worrying as just talking to yourself.

Good to hear from you Tyg - how are your partridge chickens?

Re: Dangers to keeping chickens :)

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:23 pm
by tygrysek75
We all doing well.My partridge hen getting old,her daughter passed away last year unexpectedly,she was fine one day and next I found her dead in the nest box.She was broody.I do not have the cockerels for a long time as they developed aggression towards my son.So she is the only one in my flock with this color.others are 2 Marans(from Dark Brown Eggs)Cream Legbar,3 black hens(daughters of Marans)I have 2 cocrels Coronatios Sussex and bantam Orpington(the oldest chicken in my flock).Other birds are Rice Finch living inside the house and 3 hens of Reeves pheasant.
I have this need to set the incubator soon.Waiting until I go and comeback from my holiday in February and then I'm turning it on.