Syringe problem

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Re: Syringe problem

Post by chrismahon »

I understand now Foxy. There are different strengths. Ours is Oral but 0.1ml per kg as it is 10% mix.
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Re: Syringe problem

Post by BabyBantam »

Was definately giving 0.2ml per day to each bird for 5 days - if it helps anyone. Small birds, but if double dose, then good thing as they may have lost some in the struggle to get it in them!

Re: Syringe problem

Post by millipup »

If you get an old teaspoon and bend the sides up with a pair of pliers to make a "bottom beak " sort of shape ,it is often easier to use than a syringe,especially if you mix the medicine with something the bird likes . ( I use a savoury human baby -food cereal ,mixed to a very smooth consistency as chooks seem to like savoury -well,mine do ! Yoghurt or redibrek spring to mind as good alternatives ) If you open the beak and slip a finger in to keep it open ,just tip a little of the mixture into the beak and let the bird swallow........if yours is a real little wriggler ,give it a bit of the baby-food to taste and then add the meds ! (maybe a good idea to do a practise with an unmedicated feed on a easily-handled bird to get the hang of it,but this is easier to do than it is to describe)
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