Nest box size for Pekins?

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Nest box size for Pekins?

Post by Welshy »

I have acquired five Pekin Bantams, one cockerel and four dames :D I now wonder how large or small their nest boxes have to be?
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Re: Nest box size for Pekins?

Post by karminski »

i dont think size really matters for them they will lay were they feel the most comfy , my little bantams either lay in the enclosed section of the rabbit hutch or within the already built in nest area of thier house thats about 2 foot long and about 10 inches width i think .pretty much anything can be used as a nest box just be carefull that its not so lightweight that it can be toppled over and cover the bird i made that mistake a few years ago with large plastic toy trays when i got home in the afternoon i found 2 very stressed sweaty hens stuck under one .
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Re: Nest box size for Pekins?

Post by BabyBantam »

My pekins are happy laying in the large nest box area (just settle in the corner) provided in my 'forsham' ark, but do seem to really like a shallow but wide topped flower pot I added into the ustairs for interest with all the wet weather. I sometimes find them all fighting over it!
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