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Bantam cockrel

Post by Cathy13 »

Hi, I'm new in here. I am looking for some advice. I took in a young male bantam yesterday but can't keep him, as I have 3 large hens already and the neighbours won't appreciate it. Are there any cockrel rescue sites in Cheshire? Not sure what to do with him. Thanks in advance. :D
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Re: Bantam cockrel

Post by Marigold »

hi Cathy, and welcome to the Forum.
Trouble is, there are always hundreds of spare homeless cockerels around, and except for a very lucky few, usually those who are purebred and in some demand for breeding, they usually have to end up in the pot, which at least makes some good use of them. This may sound hard-hearted, but disposing of unwanted cockerels is really just part of hatching your own chicks, sad though it may seem. Where did you get him from? Unlike hens, cockerels grow up to fight any other males they are housed with, so either need a few hens to themselves, or live a lonely life apart from other chickens. Your large mature hens wouldn't be impressed by a little bantam youngster like him, and would probably make his life a misery anyway. Few people nowadays have room for them, or, like you, have neighbours who would object once they start to crow. I hope very much that you will be able to rehome him, do let us know how you get on, but don't get your hopes up.
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Re: Bantam cockrel

Post by Sandrine »

Hi Cathy
I know Cheshire isn't exactly Burton on Trent but I have found a rescue place there who tend to accept all. I took two of my CPQ males there and they did say that if the young chicks I had (now adults lol) turned out to be male, or any other birds I couldn't keep they would take without any problems. It's called Page's Poultry. They are on Facebook. They rescue all sorts of poultry and birds. They breed / sell them too. As well as doing poultry hotel for owners whilst they're away...
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