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Organic Pellets

Post by Cjack0151 »

Hi. I'm new here. Been keeping chickens for about 9 years which have been in Allen & Page organic pellets for around 8 years.
I can no longer afford the A&P organic. Is there another brand available. All my searches are coming up blank.
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Re: Organic Pellets

Post by rick »

I'm not sure there is. A&P seem to have the market to themselves although I've found prices for 20kg for under £15 just now (+ delivery, of course, which might make up the difference.)
I've been using the Smallholder range for a long time at about £11.50 and can pick up locally. GM and soya free but not organic. (the small pellet size is nice for little flock members and the bigger ones seem to appreciate it as well.)
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Re: Organic Pellets

Post by Marigold »

Hi Cjack, and welcome to the forum. Last year, we had a discussion about various types of feed, including organic, which you might find interesting. See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10525
I agree with Rick, the transport costs are what often puts up the bill. Currently I buy Dodson & Horrel from Pets at Home for about £12 a bag with free delivery over £30, i.e 3 bags.
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Re: Organic Pellets

Post by Tweetypie »

There's Marriages organic layers feed. £12.50 for 20kg. You would have to see if you can get this locally. ... 1aEALw_wcB
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Re: Organic Pellets

Post by valeriebutterley »

My girls thrive on A&P layers pellets ordinary, I'm not too sure I always believe the organic bit, probably with A&P it is true, though.

I keep going with them as my girls are large and healthy, also my bantams, small and healthy.
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Re: Organic Pellets

Post by Margaid »

Organic pellets are the only way to be 100% certain that the soya protein hasn't been genetically modified to resist Round-up etc.
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