Cockerels flatmates

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Cockerels flatmates

Post by Sandrine »

Hi All,

A while ago I posted about my 4 chicks who have hatched in July week commencing the 9th, and what gender they were, what breed there are...

Well all this time we thought we had 3 hens and 1 cockerel... but turns out that we have 2 hens (both bantam Anconas, Tilly and Tiny) and 2 cockerels (both bantams, 1 ancona Tom, the other a new Hampshire red Peckford). We still have doubts about Peckford's gender but we are 95% sure. Tom has already found his voice, Peckford hasn't and that's the only thing that puts doubt in our mind at the minute.

Anyway, at the moment they are still all 4 of them together in their own small coop and run. They get to mix with the other 4 bantam hens we have when they are all roaming the garden. They tend to stick together, the 4 older and the 4 younger generally. When the younger ones become adults though they will need to join the other group. Will it be ok for the 2 cockerels to carry on co-habiting in the same run as each other? There will be 6 hens to 2 cockerels...

We are going to make sure that the neighbours are happy for us to keep them. I don't anticipate any problems though. It will be extremely difficult for me if we have to re-home them... Especially Peckford as we had to save him from certain death the day he hatched. He got pecked by one of the hens, but Mother Nature gave him a second chance, with my help....

Thank you
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