Integrating new pullets

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Re: Integrating new pullets

Post by Marigold » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:36 pm

Rhode Island Reds (RIRs) and Sussex are purebreds, and thus more likely to go broody, which can be a nuisance as you lose eggs for up to three weeks, several times a season. I actually set up a 'bedroom' for my Sussex, Marigold, as she had to have her broodiness broken so often. Many hybrids are based on these breeds, though the broodiness has been bred out of them. The advantage of having different colours for the eggs is that you can tell who is laying that day, which is interesting and can be a diagnostic clue to their health as well, once they're older and get to the stage of laying soft or wrinkled eggs. Also they look prettier in a box and you can give them as gifts - if you have enough hens!
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