Harmonious run again

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Harmonious run again

Post by rick » Sun May 21, 2017 9:33 pm

First things first - its great to hear from so many poultry keepers in the past few days - chickens, geese, ducks, pigs - the place has exploded!

I took down the screen in the run yesterday that gave Bonnie, our new Orp, some cover when eating and although she is still bottom of the pecking order she was eating from the same bowl as Aerial (the Blacktail and boss) today without incident. In fact, I was watching them and thought that there was going to be trouble when Aerial ran over to Bonnie suddenly - Bonnie ready to run for it - but she stopped, picked some bits of Bonnie's beak then wandered off again.
Its been a nice day here - fair bit of sunshine and dust bathing.
Found some red mite this morning. I wondered when they were going to show up and went looking because Betty, very unusually, laid an egg on the floor. May have been nothing to do with it but made me wonder why the nest boxes were out of favour. Think I got most of them.
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