New rescue hens coming tomorrow

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New rescue hens coming tomorrow

Post by Icemaiden »

I'm looking forward to collecting three ex cage hens tomorrow c/o the British Hen Welfare Trust in East Sussex. I was hoping to adopt last year, but the combination of lockdown & flockdown (due to avian influenza) put paid to that...

Hopefully it'll mean that I have a supply of eggs through the winter, as my current flock are now 4 years old & take the winter off.

The coop's just had its regular deep clean, I've dug out & cleaned an extra feeder & drinker and the dividing chicken wire's all ready to divide the run into two separate sections. The existing girls are going to have to sleep on the shelf in the greenhouse for three weeks, but they've got a perch block, so they'll be OK even if they won't be impressed for the first few nights! The toughest bit is always to provide a temporary nest box to go in the greenhouse. Usually they turn their tails up in disgust...
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Re: New rescue hens coming tomorrow

Post by bigyetiman »

Good luck with them, hope they settle in quickly.
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Re: New rescue hens coming tomorrow

Post by Marigold »

Well done, how interesting. We shall look forward to some pics when you see what you’ve got. Luckily the weather is good at the moment, so it might not be too much of a shock for them, or for your oldies.
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