Laying goose

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Laying goose

Post by Allister » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:16 pm

I have a goose who is sitting on eggs. She has seriously sat without breaks, other than a quick wash and food, about 20 mins.
I am unsure what is the exact day of her sitting as she sat on 9 eggs on and off for about a week. When she started adding feathers to the nest and sat all day I counted that as day 1. We are now at day 32.
What are the signs that hatching has happened, broken egg shells?
Can I feed mother anything special to rebuild her strength?
Should I feed the goslings on crumb duck food ? When would I
Start feeding .

When the goose laid the first egg it was in a bad unprotected place. The first egg was eaten by magpies. An other goose also had eggs eaten by magpies for the same reason.
The geese live on a pond which has a secure walk in cage only accessible from the the cage I placed a plastic dog kennel and some hay, I then stole an egg from her nest and put it in the kennel. When she was busy I destroyed her nest. I started feeding the geese in the cage every morning while checking my substitute nest. Within the week there were another five eggs and the pair were very protective. Great success, so far!!

Any advice most appreciated
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