Wac Wac's new mate

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Wac Wac's new mate

Postby Nacarona » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:07 pm

I have had two tame ducks: Wac Wac (male) and Pike (female) for coming to my backyard for several years. I haven't seen Pike around for a while now. She was probably quite old so I think she has passed away. :( Anyway, Wac Wac has found a new mate now! The first time she came my free running rabbit chased her away because he wasn't used to her. Both ducks didn't come to my backyard for about a month after that although I saw the pair around the neighbourhood. Yesterday they both came to my backyard along with Wac Wac's brother, Rocky (Wac Wac wasn't very happy with him!). This time my rabbit didn't chase them away so I fed them. Rocky perched on the fence and watched because Wac Wac chased him out of my backyard. I got some photos of the three ducks:
Wac Wac's new mate

Wac Wac (front) and Rocky (back)

Wac Wac and new mate drinking
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