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Help With Posting Photos

Post by Poultrykeeper Admin »

It is quite straightforward to post photos in the forum.

Here are some tips!

1. Ideally, reduce the size of your photos so they don't look too big. Most photo editing software will reduce the size of photos for you. Look for a command called "Image Size," or "Resize".

A little 'cheat' I use if I'm on a computer that doesn't have any image software installed is I highlight the photos I want, then right click them and then go to "Send To>Mail Recipient." It will open up a new email and ask you if you want to make the pictures smaller.... if you say yes, you get an email with your smaller pictures attached and you can then save them from the email to somewhere on your computer.

2. Start a new post. Underneath your post, there is a box that has some tabs. The first is Options, the second is Upload attachment... select this.

Click Browse, find and select your photo, then click open.

You should now see the location in the "Filename" box. Click on "Add the File". This is now added as a "Posted Attachment."

If you want the picture in your post, select the location with your cursor in the body of the post, then click "Place inline".

You can add a "File Comment" to this which gives a title to it.

3. Hit Preview. You will now see what everyone will see...

I can't wait to see some of your photos on the forum! Good Luck...
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Re: Help With Posting Photos

Post by Tim »

nnbreeder also gave this advice for Photobucket users:

If you copy from Photobucket put your curser on the pic and a box will appear below the pic. Click on the little box and then scroll to the bottom of the page. There will be some blue boxes at the bottom and click on the one to the right. It says something like generate image codes for html. A new box will pop up and I use the one that says clickable thumbnails for message boards. Highlite the text in that box then right click the mouse and choose copy. Go back to your message you are posting and right click again, choose paste and click on that. Once you use it a time or two it will be old hat and easy for you to do. The reason I use the thumbnails is that they load faster for those still on dial-up.

Once in the thread the pic can be clicked on and it will enlarge.
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