Domestic goose with wild goose

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crazyanimal lady
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Domestic goose with wild goose

Post by crazyanimal lady »

So my domesticc Embdin cross goose has found himself a wild Canadian goose girlfriend. Because he does not fly well and is domesticated, he lives in a large pen at night with many ducks. Every morning when he is let out he calls and calls and the canadian goes flies in and spends the entire day with him. At night he puts himself in and she goes off to wait until morning. So my concern is if they mate and she lays eggs and hatches them, will the offspring be able to fly, like her and remain wild or will they be like him and require protection at night? And if I need to round them up to keep them safe, how do I do that without upsetting the female too much?
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Re: Domestic goose with wild goose

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I can't say for sure, but I have a couple of domestic cross greylag and they can fly. They have never wanted to fly far so don't go anywhere so I'm not sure if they could cope with any distance past 200 meters.... It would be very hard to say with any degree of certainty. regardless of flight, they will need protecting while they are downies anyway.
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Re: Domestic goose with wild goose

Post by Marigold »

What a wonderful story, really heartwarming. It would make a great film!
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