Bent Neck in Duckling - Please help!

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Mrs Bolland
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Bent Neck in Duckling - Please help!

Post by Mrs Bolland »

Hello there,

I am looking for some help/advice please

About two weeks ago I bought 6 adorable Call Duck ducklings. They are all doing great, but our favourite appears to have a significant kink in its neck that seems to have happened overnight and I'm desperate to know if there is anything i can do.

Now I want to be honest so that I can get the best info/advice, but i have an awful suspiscion this is my fault. I was cradling the duckling in its cage when it lept out and I automatically grabbed it.....i caught it by its head between my fingers, with its body dangling....its seemed fine (although I was mortified) and indeed is still very happy in itself, bathing, cleaning and eating. But i can see and feel the bend. Ive attached a photo too (although not the best). The duckling is the one on the right

Did i do this? Or is this linked to vitamin deficiencies that i have read about and will get worse?
Please help. The idea I hurt this little dude is really upsetting me!

I will say this particular duckling has always been a little odd - the most docile to handle and i am forever cleaning his beak


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Re: Bent Neck in Duckling - Please help!

Post by dorsetduckowner »

Hiya :) Welcome to the forum :)

sorry to hear about your little call duckling. I'm sorry to say but its pretty hard to say what has caused it without being able to assess the duckling. I would say if you area really concerned to have the little one looked at by an avian vet.

If it is developmental there are some tricks you can use with toilet rolls to straighten the neck, however I have never done this and would not advise you do it without the guidance of someone who really knows what they are doing.

Please keep us posted? Good to hear the little one is well in himself and still able to eat/preen etc.
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