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limping duck

Post by 4everacres »

this is a 9 week old female runner duck. she just started limping the other night. picture attached. what should I do?
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Re: limping duck

Post by chrismahon »

Any sign of damage to that foot or leg 4everacres? Are any of the leg or foot joints warmer than the opposite leg? We treat sprains with some arnica gel and it also helps if you can keep her somewhere dark and quiet to reduce her mobility -to rest it as much as possible. Can't be much more help as we don't have ducks, only chickens. And welcome to the forum.
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Re: limping duck

Post by dorsetduckowner »

Hiya :) Cant seem to see the picture very well for some reason, how is she today? How bad is the limp? If it doesn't clear up in a few days it may be worth getting the leg checked by a vet as limping can be a symptom of many problems in duckies :)
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