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Re: Hello and Advice Needed

Post by Kate Fraser »

LadyA wrote:For all you know, there MAY have been a stray gander that happened by, at some point, and so there MAY just mysteriously "appear" a couple of goslings some day......! Nobody's fault. These things happen. And bless her, she must have been lonely. ;)
Minorcafan wrote:As the goose is guarding one egg, can you swap it for a gosling? Or will OH know
Heck! Both great replies! Wish I'd had these before I swiped both eggs. We have had the odd greylag stop by the pond. If she lays another.....

Anyway, Goosie came off her nest four or five times yesterday after I'd taken the eggs, to bathe, stretch and preen and to eat grass, and she generally looked pretty happy (and maybe just a little relieved?). She certainly wasn't rushing back. She called out only a few times when she discovered the eggs gone (though I did feel mean, watching her hunting through her carefully woven dome of straw and down).

Thank you again for all the help. Now, anyone know anything about peacocks...? :)
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Re: Hello and Advice Needed

Post by RichmondHens »

If there are geese up the road then might you consider getting her a friend? Could be another female, doesn't have to be a gander.

I have had peafowl, but only briefly. Obtained as young adults they didn't hang about despite keeping them penned for at least a month, but migrated across the fields to another house and their peafowl ....... Still there as far as I know!
Have since learned that to keep peafowl they need to be hatched on the place so they fix on it as home but there is still a risk of the females migrating (apparently they are the ones to do this while males tend to stay put).
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Re: Hello and Advice Needed

Post by dorsetduckowner »

Hi :) I have really enjoyed this three and agree that removing the nest is the best option. I am in the same situation with three of my geese, one has been sat for 6 weeks now (on a stone) and its time to destroy her nest :(
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