A classic look

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Re: A classic look

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rick wrote:
Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:34 pm
I'm not over sure Hen-Gen. A 'Sablepoot booted bantam'? I took him on at about 1 year old from Chickenfan. I think, if his foot feathers grew to full size they would be wider than he is long! Its never uncluttered and level enough in the run to let that happen so he has a regular trim at about 2 1/2" which he doesn't like but when back on the ground is like 'Oh!- OK that's pretty good. Look out girls, I'm on the move!'
I know nothing about the breed so had to look them up. I certainly didn’t know they came in silver spangled. I thought Hamburg’s were the only breed to come in this colour. You live and learn!
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Re: A classic look

Post by rick »

:D I'll tell him how unusual he is - That'll be sure to give him some mojo before the spring!
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Re: A classic look

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Nice to see Linden is still keepin' on :D
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