For Sale - Guinea Fowl Keets - Suffolk

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For Sale - Guinea Fowl Keets - Suffolk

Post by SarahJane72 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:41 pm

Breed:Guinea Fowl Keets (Pearl Grey)
Quantity: 7
Age/hatch year: 5wks
Location: nr Stowmarket, Suffolk
Price: £8 each (when ready)

I have some guinea fowl keets that will be ready in a 2-3 weeks time for sale, (when they will be around 8-9wks old). At the moment they are being reared by my broody brahma hen so they go to bed in her hen house and they stay close to the rest of the chickens. I have 10 adult guinea fowl and they roost up in the trees and have successfully seen off a few foxes for me. They are noisy so please consider before rushing in to buy guinea fowl.
They lay lovely eggs but mine lay anywhere and everywhere so you will find you have to go on an egg hunt to look for them.
They are £8 each when ready to go but I also sell their hatching eggs too.
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