French Marans, Araucanas, Welsummers – London/Surrey

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French Marans, Araucanas, Welsummers – London/Surrey

Post by gilesosborne » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:27 pm

I have some surplus chicks for sale, currently 1+ week old, from eggs sourced from UK and foreign stocks, selecting for champion/ high quality lines
These are ideal for introducing new blood into your lines, or to start your own lines with quality stock…eggshells retained as demonstration of maternal egg colour characteristics

1. French Copper Black Marans – bred for utility and dark egg colour, from renowned German breeder (N.B feathered legs as typifies French/ original marans)
2. Lavender Araucanas – bred for breed standard and egg colour (Sourced from Irish breeder, winner of nationals for cocks, hens and eggs) selected for true blue eggs without green tint
3. Welsummers – from UK line bred for utility and dark egg colour

Age/hatch year: 02/08/2014

Location: North Surrey/ South London

Price: £4 at this age

P&P costs: Strictly collection only

Please pm for further details
Best regards
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Re: French Marans, Araucanas, Welsummers – London/Surrey

Post by chickenfan » Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:24 pm

Hello Giles I wonder if you do Araucana hatching eggs?
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