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Re: Ebay Sellers - The Bad

Post by Tim »

Yes, I believe fertility can be affected in the postal system, simply because I have posted eggs laid together from the same birds on the same day to people and had bad results from one box, going to one place but not other boxes.

Storage time is another factor that people often forget too - fertility drops after storing eggs, I -think- I read that commercially they lose 10 -20% fertility after a week so by the time eggs are laid, stored, posted, left to settle and then got started in the incubator, it's not unreasonable for it to be getting on for 5 days.

It's a tough one. Many sellers say they can't accept responsibility for eggs after they have gone through the postal system but many hide behind this as a reason for selling eggs from poorly kept stock and possibly infertile eggs too... Lets leave it here anyway - people can read our posts and make their own judgement.
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Re: Ebay Sellers - The Bad

Post by tygrysek75 »

This is also I was thinking too, you can always blaim the postman for lack of fertylity.Unfortunytly you never can be sure until you start incubation.
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Re: Ebay Sellers - The Bad

Post by splatcat »

[link no longer working]

I bought these, candled on day 10, no signs of life, and shells very VERY porus, so i dont believe they were fertile in the beginning.

Wont be buying off ebay again, unless its a recommendation , ive spent a fortune on eggs and they never seem to hatch, i dont believe its postal, as ive bought off a member on another forum, and got brilliant results.

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Re: Ebay Sellers - The Bad

Post by pekinclub »


name : Paula bishop.
seller of chocolate orpingtons and pekins
don't trust her , she is very nice , but the orpingtons are very poor ... :(
Leaving in Israel . breeder of : pekins (white , black , lavender , cuckoo , millefleur ) , RIR , Orpingtons ( chocolate, black , lavender) , rumpless araucanas and Faverolles (my favorite :))
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Re: Ebay Sellers - The Bad

Post by chrismahon »

P & T Poultry sold us 6 Buff Orpington Hatching eggs. The packaging was poor, the thin polystyrene box was too big for the eggs. The eggs were absolutely filthy so I can imagine the conditions of the parents. We stood them point end down to settle for 24 hours as they suggested and washed in warm water as they suggested. 2 were infertile, two died at about 6 days and two hatched. One was a cross breed, the other was a lovely, but very pale feathered, chick with club feet and 6 toes on one foot and 5 on the other which we had to despatch. Heartbreaking. We were too upset to discuss it with them!

We bought an R-Com Suro 20 from them. The pump didn't work and they assured me they would send a tested replacement. It arrived and was obviously well used. The flexible pipe was very short. When I looked closely it had been taken apart many times and one of the 4 pump wheel pins was missing. They refused to send a new item and wanted to charge for the old damaged one they had sent -£37 I think -so I sent that damaged one back. Managed to repair the original new pump but still need a spare.
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Re: Ebay Sellers - The Bad

Post by Northernplan »

Peartreepoultry. :-)06

We bought 6 Gold Campine LF Hatching Eggs (160788201426) on the tuesday. I couldn't believe my luck as we already had some from another lady local to us (also from ebay who I will pop onto the Ebay Sellers- The Good thread) I messaged to check that it would be ok to pick up and pay the following monday (as the seller was reasonably near to my in-laws who we were due to go to visit) and we lived about 80 miles away. This was all fine. We confirmed that we would be travelling over and would be there between late morning and lunchtime Through the week I had a few emails asking me to pay for my item with the postage costs taken off, the final one being sent on the sunday evening. I duly paid for the eggs. We arrived to collect the eggs and when we mentioned what we were there to collect we were met with "Oh. I sent you a message. I thought you had collected the eggs yesterday. I've thrown them out! But if you really want some campines I have some hens for sale" When we checked ebay he had indeed sent a message asking us to contact him. It was sent at 12.15pm on the monday, when we were well on our way over. He had also sold these eggs with the guarantee that if there was less that 50% fertility another 6 would be sent. Even if he had not thrown our eggs away the day before the would not have been able to fulfill this as he had sold his cockerel on the sunday aswell.
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