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Rainbow Bridge

Post by Marigold »

Our little Trog has featured on here several times, not always for the right reasons, but we were very sad when he passed away over the New Year. Just after Christmas he started breathing very fast, and was initially treated for a possible lung infection, but he was also losing weight, and on Jan. 6 his X-rays showed many small clusters of tumours all over his lungs. We took him home, still groggy from the anaesthetic, and had an appointment with the vet next morning to discuss the X-rays and blood test results, but he was so ill in the night that I called the vet at 2.00 and he came out and put Trog to sleep, which was an enormous relief really. The vet said that the sort of lung cancer which produces many small tumours is very aggressive, and it's not uncommon for a dog to go from apparently OK to death within a couple of weeks, as Trog did. Still, he was well enough to enjoy ripping off the paper and eating his Christmas squeaky toys a couple of weeks before he died, which was nice for him, and us.
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Re: Rainbow Bridge

Post by Royal Henfield »

Oh that's so sad Marigold but what a beautiful picture. It's always hard to part with them but you know when the time has come.
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Re: Rainbow Bridge

Post by Icemaiden »

That's the most beautiful photo of Trog!

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Re: Rainbow Bridge

Post by Margaid »

He looks as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

Wonderful to have such a lovely photo of him.
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Re: Rainbow Bridge

Post by foxy »

I am so sorry, had developed a fondness for Trog!
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