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Burning a hole in your pocket!.

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:05 pm
by dinosaw
I've been a bit surprised over the past couple of weeks at just how much money seems to be sloshing around post lockdown. I was talking to my postman today and he was telling me his sister is an estate agent and they have sold 35 houses in two weeks!.
I like old cars and I tend to watch the classic car auctions online, I've been surprised to see the cars are going for much higher than I had anticipated. What's more, most of these cars are making their way to dealers who are putting a 2-3k mark up on them and you are seeing them sell within a fortnight. I just sold mine because it's too low and I can't get out of it anymore because of my knee. It went on sale on Thursday and had sold on Saturday for more than I had expected.

Almost everybody Mrs Dinosaw works with has already booked a holiday, which is a bit brave I think, given the high risk it will be cancelled. At the same time I look at the station car park and instead of 330 cars in it there are about 6!. I had expected people to be sitting on their money waiting to see how bad the downturn would be but it's seems to have gone the other way, perhaps I am just a miserable pessimist, (well no perhaps about that actually, but still...) . Is this something the rest of you are seeing or is it just round these parts?. Is it a case of people thinking more than ever "you only live once"? Or is it people coming out of lockdown to find they have a fair bit more money than they went in with?.

Re: Burning a hole in your pocket!.

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:18 pm
by bigyetiman
A neighbouring farmer has just bought a brand new combine harvester. OH can't wait to have a go in it, she loves them.
But seriously, everyone I work with has been booking up holidays like mad, booking meals in pubs. Quite a few are looking at cars. Considering no one is getting on buses at the moment, and quite a few are still furloughed, I am being cautious. I am not a person who needs to renew a car every few years anyway

Re: Burning a hole in your pocket!.

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:44 pm
by dinosaw
Yeah, perhaps I'm just over cautious too. Looking forward, the future (economically speaking) looks utterly bleak to me.

I hope he is going to play the Wurzels in his cab while he breaks it in.