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Re: The Potting Shed

Post by Margaid »

There is an alternative of three pots that take three tubers each, and they do a (fairly expensive pack) of 9 tubers - 3 each of 3 varieties, The triple pots were out of stock, I've just had an email notification that they are back in stock but the website is closed until 8am tomorrow.

The pot was in a Sutton's Seed catalogue I was sent ... I'll probably use bags or try what you've suggested Marigold.

Looks like you're going to be really busy!!!
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Re: The Potting Shed

Post by Hen-Gen »

Well though not edible just before the shutdown I bought an Espostoa melanostele, a Peruvian old lady, and a Sanseviera trifasciata, a mother-in-laws tongue. I get daily pleasure from seeing them on my window sill along with other kinds of plants. I’ve always loved house plants because they provide a kind of bridge between the inside world and the outside world.
It is a source of regret to me that when I had this cottage built I did not have a much larger bathroom with a Velux window so I could have a bathtub, a bidet and a riot of foliage plants. Showers are refreshing and no doubt economical but nothing beats luxuriating in a bathtub.
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Re: The Potting Shed

Post by bigyetiman »

Decided to tidy up a large trough which has just got overgrown, has miniature daffodils in it in spring. It has some wire mesh leaning against it. Thought about extra herbs in it.
Went to pull the mesh away and realised in a little pot lying on it's side in the trough was 8 little Robin eggs. Moved away and mum came popping back in through the wire
Oh well next year
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Re: The Potting Shed

Post by Marigold »

What a lovely story. Sensible bird choosing your garden.
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