Christmas 2019

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Re: Christmas 2019

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Still sick. Coughing away, but not, I think, as badly as yesterday. Sinus thing is more or less gone. Just feeling a bit grim. I got so bored yesterday sitting around feeling sorry for myself, that I cleaned the house (new toy from dau. A Steam Mop. I've been coveting her's for months!) and then in the afternoon, cleaned the car, inside and out! Then I sat on my bum for the rest of the day. My house got too hot, because I'd lit the stove in the morning. Still, that's a good complaint, isn't it!
Now, dau is gone down with it, and has to stay in bed, because she's getting faint. Not safe walking around with a 2 month old baby. She said the baby is coughing a lot too, so she's terrified of him getting it.
I get the flu vaccine every year, and in honesty, it really doesn't feel like flu. I had a bad bout of flu over 20 years ago, and I still remember how ill I was. And because I got a "post viral syndrome" after it, and was ill for over two years, I get the jab every year, as I couldn't risk that again.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll live! :) Just miserable for a few days.
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Re: Christmas 2019

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Poor you hope you soon feel better and daughter also.
Always get the flu jab, as I had it about 20 years ago and ended up with double pneumonia as well. Never again. Just pop into Boots at Lakeside whilst at work couple of minutes and I am back at work.
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Re: Christmas 2019

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And here's the ultimate Christmas story. ... sbynbhLSoc
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