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Re: Re: Weather

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Not sure what hogget is? Is it what we, both here and in Derbyshire call a wether? That’s a castrated male about 18 months old.
Made several cups of coffee today for visitors. Hope someone calls tonight so I can crack open the Veuve Cliquot. Perhaps I should have invited someone 😕
Don’t even have any great fondness for champers. Much prefer a good Burgundy. But sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
Neglected sheep today. The weather is awful. Hope they’re cowering behind their windbreaks!
Thanks for the best wishes. Determined not to be distracted this Spring and order eggs of Speckled Sussex and Coronation Sussex in order to breed Blue Speckled Sussex in about three years. I love projects. It’s what gets me up in the mornings.
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Re: Re: Weather

Post by Marigold »

Happy birthday, HenGen! 70 - I remember it well ....when I was a wee slip of a girl.....
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Re: Re: Weather

Post by Margaid »

Happy Birthday HenGen, hope you're not getting blown away.

In Shropshire a wether is a sheep about 18 months - 2 years old. I understood they were female but maybe not.
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Re: Re: Weather

Post by MrsBiscuit »

Find someone you like and open that fizz, doesn't have to be today, but soon, its part of memory making for a special time!

I don't know if hogget is specifically male or female, I just know it as sheep aged roughly 12-18 months. A bit more flavour than lamb, but not as strong as mutton. Best bit I ever ate was an Xmas dinner slow roasted in a wood fired oven at my SIL from a farm just up the road from us in the UK.
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