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Re: Amazon

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Isn't that MP's all over. Same here- they are paid so it's a job worth grabbing. Amazon- what a horrible employer. I Had a similar experience working for Toyota. I had quit before I hit someone- the 'Management' were just a load of bullies and at the time I had a hip problem which meant I couldn't run to the next workspace and had to walk. Walking not acceptable!!!
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Re: Amazon

Post by bigyetiman »

Our local Costa isn't much better, they hit the headlines recently, after a robbery at the store, the poor barista was told to make sure the money taken was back in the till at the end of the day from her own pocket. Then lots of other nasty little work practices emerged from that and several other stores. Seems that the franchise owners just do what they like.
The Amazon at Tilbury is like a disturbing view of a dark future. No windows in the building, and once you go inside, no coming out until your 12 hour shift ends. Daughter had a stand up row with a security guard as she left something in her car at the start of her shift and he wouldn't let her out to get it, she just shoved past him in the end and went out the fire escape door.
Happy to say she is looking for another job
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