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Re: New Life

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Mine are due in a fortnight. I can’t look at them without thinking of a whole range of recipes. I particularly like Cornish Pasties made with lamb rather than beef. I only keep four ewes now but that still gives me females to sell and males to freeze.
Must be admitted that they do seem to have a death wish. Including falling over cliffs. The tastiest bit of grass is always that bit about 3 feet over the edge.
A word in their defence though. They have been proven to have amazing facial recognition skills, both of other sheep and of humans. They can even recognise one another from photos. This comes with elephant type memories. Most sheep’s faces look the same to me!
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Re: New Life

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Never thought of Cornish pasties made with lamb, or does that make it a Shetland pasty ? We will give it a go.
I guess the answer to the New Zealand lamb all goes back to clever marketing, same as Danish bacon, and now it is lodged in everyone's subconscious as the best.
OH always greets the lambs with "hello dinner". As she says to people who ask her how she can bear to eat something she has fed she just says once they come back from the butcher you don't know which one you are eating as you just pick one of the trays with a half or whole lamb in and in the freezer it goes, ditto with the trays of beef or pork
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