Makes my blood boil!!!!

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Makes my blood boil!!!!

Post by Margaid »

I'm so sick and tired of reading ill-informed comment in the news:-

Of course it's essential to use the "preventer" inhaler regularly (usually with a brown, orange or yellow plastic applicator tube) but why is the Royal College of Nursing blaming "lack of regular routine over the school holidays" ?

Don't they know that many schools take the children's (reliever) inhalers from them when they go into school? It doesn't matter how regularly one uses the "preventer" inhaler, an attack can still be triggered and the only answer is immediate access to the broncho-dilator (usually a "blue" inhaler containing salbutamol.

What is needed is a lot more education/publicity so that people know UNTREATED ASTHMA KILLS! Withholding access to treatment should be manslaughter.
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Re: Makes my blood boil!!!!

Post by Icemaiden »

Why on earth do schools take life saving medicines off children? That's absolutely appalling :evil:

There's no mention in the article of the effects of poor air quality in hot weather on children's asthma either, or the role that simple breathing exercises can play in reducing the incidence of serious attacks.
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Re: Makes my blood boil!!!!

Post by Marigold »

I retired from primary school teaching years ago, but even then we had got to the stage where an edict had gone out to say that, not only were members of staff not allowed to administer medications to children (parents had to come in at lunchtime to give antibiotic pills etc) but simple first-aid treatments such as a sticking plaster had to be given in the presence of another adult and you had to avoid actually touching the child, let alone giving a reassuring cuddle to a little one who had tumbled in the playground.
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