Drought conditions

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Re: Drought conditions

Post by chrismahon » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:20 am

We were lucky the hailstones were not bigger. Last week a village had 130 roofs damaged and one was completely smashed and these are the big French roof tiles, not the little Rosemarys we had in England. Our car suffered lots of minor dents, despite being parked under an Elm tree, which can only be seen by looking across the bonnet and roof. Fortunately it's an old car whose next great adventure will probably be to the scrap yard as the MOT has been made considerably harder to pass this year.

Annoyingly I completely forgot to cover the tomatoes with the scaffolding debris netting we use as wind break for the chicken enclosure. It would probably have stopped any damage at all.

Hope you all get the rain you need.
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Re: Drought conditions

Post by MrsBiscuit » Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:14 am

I too am sorry to hear all your woes, they sound pretty serious. I had heard about the hail in France wiping out grape harvests. Everything is calm here, not super hot, not super dry, just very pleasant which is just as well after last year; but the weather globally is certainly extremely topsy turvy, I still can't believe its been hotter in Wales, Ireland and Scotland than here. I hope all your water issues are sorted out quickly, and you recover from the hail, Chris. I have found your water solutions and treatment discussions very interesting, its helpful to store up this knowledge for the future.
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