Have we turned into a bunch of ninnies?.

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Re: Have we turned into a bunch of ninnies?.

Post by LadyA » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:58 pm

Icemaiden wrote:Whereabouts do you live, LadyA?
South East Ireland. Our immediate area got it bad, but not as bad as the Wexford area. Some areas there had up to 10 feet of snow! Several farmers lost sheds which just collapsed under the combined onslaught of the weight of snow and the winds. One farmer lost some young cattle, when the shed collapsed on them. Another had machinery damaged when sheds collapsed.
Unfortunately, although most people showed a lot of community spirit, and helped where they could, there's always an element isn't there? A branch of Lidl in Dublin was demolished and looted. And I do mean demolished! During the storm, realising that the area was more or less cut off, and the police wouldn't be able to get there, a group of young yobs stole an earthmover from a building site and literally demolished the supermarket in an attempt to steal the contents of the safe! They failed to get the safe open, but the remains of the building was looted. And it was all filmed, and posted on social media, so the police have been busy rounding up those involved. They did get nine of them at the scene, having used borrowed Army vehicles etc. to get in. The local community too turned in several of those involved. The Lidl was the nearest supermarket for a large number of people in a deprived area. Lidl are now running a bus from outside the demolished store to the next nearest branch, every day, for the people of the area. And all of the staff from the demolished store were redeployed to other branches.
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Re: Have we turned into a bunch of ninnies?.

Post by bigyetiman » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:27 pm

I do despair of the human race at times. Good on the locals for turning some of the looters in. Glad Lidl are providing a bus. A car park in a town near us has been invaded by travellers, first thing they did was go into the Tesco Express next door threaten staff and stripped it bare. Then went down to the local boat store and stole all their water pumps. The Tesco is now shut until the travellers get moved on, which means any elderly people have to travel to a supermarket, and they can't even get on the bus by said Tesco as the travellers are blocking the bus loading area. If I did this my car would be towed away instantly.
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