It's a pullet's life!

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It's a pullet's life!

Post by Icemaiden » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:13 am

This is our first experience of the henternet. Nadia and Sophie told us about it, so we thought we'd try it out...
The sun came out this afternoon, so Mum abandoned work and came out to let us have a run around the garden while she did some gardening. Any excuse for a bit of sunshine, that one!

Holly discovered today that she can climb trees. Apparently it's because she's a leghorn- lumberjack more like! Tufty spent an hour chasing blackbirds. I tried chasing the robin, but it's tricky when you've had an injury and someone's clipped the feathers on one wing to stop you from tripping over them where they drag on the ground... The robin can get airborne. I reckon that's cheating :-(

Still, Mum's been letting me off laying eggs, because of my accident. She thinks I'm about seven months old and really should have started by now, but I think that my accident (and Alice's early demise 12 days ago) has put her off having the "you're a dual purpose breed, so if you don't lay..." conversation. I don't know what her problem is anyway. Just because Tufty and I aren't bothering to lay eggs, Nadia's getting on a bit and Sophie's well past her henopause, it's not our fault. Holly's laying an egg nearly every day. Surely that's enough? Five of us, 6 or 7 eggs in total per week for her and Dad between them; they can always have some layers' pellets for breakfast, can't they?

Anyway, got to go. Mum says she's getting cold, & she's rattling a tub of corn. Got to get my share :-)07
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Re: It's a pullet's life!

Post by Evie » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:44 am

I agree, Hope, it's far too early for you and Tufty to start laying, hold them 'till Easter, I'd say! :-)17

As for Holly climbing the trees, tell her as long as she remembers to shout "Timbeeerrrr!" when she lands she'll be conforming with the health and safety regulations for henlanding. She might just scare that robin away for you in doing so :-)08

Nothing better than a bit of corn... :)
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