goose eggs

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goose eggs

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Hi all again,

Firstly thanks for the previous help given............. my goose started laying the end of February, we ate the first 2 eggs as they were undersized (140 grams) but by the 02:03:15 she was laying at 155 grams+ and laid about 2 eggs per 3 days until I had 8 eggs which I removed each time and date marked and kept in a cool (5 degree crumpled paper covered box, this to stop drying out and to try to keep them from soiling) I had artificial eggs in her nest to encourage her.

On the 12th of March I removed the artificial eggs and returned the 8 real ones and the goose was very pleased and covered them up but did not sit. Now there are 9 eggs but still no signs of her sitting yet.

My question is how long should I let her just lay eggs without sitting on them as if she will not sit I shall use the incubator on the "most fresh eggs" as we want goslings?
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Re: goose eggs

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Hello :)

Ours can lay up to 14 before they start sitting on them, I wouldn't worry too much just yet :)

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