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Post by Allister » Mon May 05, 2014 7:05 pm

I have a pair of geese which have laid 8 eggs about 1 week ago. They are in a secure large cage with duck house sunken bath and lots of grass to forage on. I put in layers pellets and wheat every day although they don't always eat it all.
My questions are ;-
How do I know when incubation starts as mum sits on the eggs most of the day but occasionally has a snooze in the sun in the afternoon or sits in the bath for a little while. She always sits on the eggs overnight and in the mornings.
I have not wormed the pair yet and am concerned because of the eggs. This is her second lay. The pair were free to graze on the meadow and big pond ( they are clipped) The goose had made a nest and laid 9 eggs in it. When I discovered the nest one morning the eggs were dirty and covered with grass. It was not secure but not visible. The next morning all the eggs were gone no eggs or eggshells nothing. I don't know what took them.
So I moved the pair into the secure cage and she has laid again.
Should I bite the bullet and do the worming now or should I wait until the eggs have hatched?
I have had the geese for two months and I think they are Embdens. I am keen to have more geese ( for pets)
I use "Keeping Geese" by Chris Ashton which I think is a great book and would recommend it.

Any advice or comments really appreciated
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