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Rehoming 2 runner ducks Dorset

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 3:17 pm
by jbroomfield
Reposting because I initially put this in the Chickens for sale board :-)19

Hi, we have a pair of female Indian Runner Ducks which, due to neighbour complaints, we unfortunately have to rehome.

They're about two years old, we've had them from babies. One has a gammy leg (has done from a chick) which doesn't stop her getting about, she just doesn't run much for a runner duck! Both are good layers.
20190530_154728.jpg (97.84 KiB) Viewed 2448 times
We're very keen that they go to someone who has experience looking after waterfowl, ideally someone with a bit of space and a pond and maybe other ducks - basically we want them to have at least as good or even better life than they already have with us.

We're in Dorset, but will travel to get them to someone who can provide them with a good home.

Hope someone can help.


Re: Rehoming 2 runner ducks Dorset

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 4:30 pm
by dorsetduckowner
Thanks for posting! I hope you find them a wonderful home :) pictures are always great to see! What a shame
Your neighbours are not duck friendly.... maybe you should rehome the neighbours!

Re: Rehoming 2 runner ducks Dorset

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:26 am
by briggsy
Hi, did you find a taker for your ducks?
We are in Swansea and I think the journey would be too stressful for them, but my sister in law is in Dorset so I could ask her if she knows of anyone.

Re: Rehoming 2 runner ducks Dorset

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:27 pm
by Marigold
hi briggsy, that sounds hopeful. it might be worth sending a p.m. to jbroomfield. This is an old thread now and he/she might not have seen your reply. Click on the jbroomfield user name in the bar on the left of the original post and a contact form should appear.