chicken thieves about.BEWARE

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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by Margaid »

I bought my Welsummers at the Rare and Pure Breed Poultry Auction at Oswestry, but as all the birds for sale were "graded" by two judges from the Poultry Club of Great Britain, and the vendor's name was listed in the catalogue one assumes that everything was hunky dory. I wouldn't do it again though - I already know where I'm going to buy my next hens, 2 Exchequer Leghorns and 2 Welsh Blacks (not a recognised breed but they suit my requirements) and I've also been in touch with a Welsummer breeder about a cockerel from a dark egg laying strain.

I think what happens is the people go to an auction for fun and get carried away - not just for poultry either. I've learnt a great deal from the forum about what, and what not, to do.
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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by daniellesdogs »

hope you dont mind but hoping as might help a fue people you wont :)!/ ... 851600667/
its a group on facebook that people put up what been stolen in the south so can support each other by keeping eye out at auction and forums :)
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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by lewisdale »

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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by chrismahon »

Don't think it helps the situation blaming any particular group as that doesn't stop the problem. The arrival of mimimum wage workforce at the local Argos superstore, then the Bombardier servicing area brought a lot of crime into our old area. So did the ever increasing number of near derelict narrow boats cruising about looking for stuff to steal and the increasing number of scrap merchants travelling the streets looking for metal. Just have to lock your coops and add security to the perimeter. I was always surprised our coops weren't stolen after our rotorvator went. The coops are worth far more than the chickens in them. Anything not nailed down went. Neighbour had one sheep from the flock of 6 stolen. It must have been picked up and carried over the fence as the gate was locked. One of the main reasons we emigrated.
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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by swamperkk »

i never had that happen before yet,but i also have a hot wire around my chicken coop to prevent dogs,cat,racoons and other animals out,if i do catch any two leger wanting to steal my birds,i have bird shot that will hurt for a while,then i will call the cops about theives breaking in,hope that never happens
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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by Eris »

Just to give a quick warning that a friend had a red saddled yokohama cock stolen two weeks ago. She is near Tonbridge Kent.
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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by Ellen Barry »

Awww, so sorry for all of you. I know where you're coming from. I had a thief who stole all my breeding female Guineas plus their eggs. I know who it was and she is a "reputable" breeder. She was caught here by the Sheriff and arrested. We never got any damages back. So with a flock of males only I couldn't get any offspring anymore. I have 2 Guineas left and miss them dearly. Yes, thieves cause a lot of heartache.
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Re: chicken thieves about.BEWARE

Post by KenLomas »

Wanted zingem laying fowl cock wanted has anybody bred any this year
Ken Lomas. Essex 07714331811
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