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Re: Predator - what was it?

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:55 am
by chrismahon
We have a terrier Rick who has been trained "don't upset the chickens!" and she now avoids getting anywhere near them but will attack anything else on our land- unfortunately that also includes passing walkers, something we are working on. So effectively she protects the 4 roaming TNN's. Unfortunately problems come from other directions as we can't control what the chickens eat. Primrose has been inside now for over a week after wrecking her system by swallowing a 10cm long lizard in one gulp. Not only did the skeleton impact her digestive system but the enzymes carried in the lizard wrecked her gut flora as well. After draining her crop several times of smelly water (first time we've risked that) and giving her Avipro she finally digested the bones and is now eating and pooing solids and is on the road to recovery.