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Re: red mite

Post by bigjim »

Only had red mite once. For a sachet of ficam w off ebay. Five litres of solution made up and sprayed the shed. After two hours the birds can go back in. Kills everything that crawls.
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Re: red mite

Post by dye29 »

hi all ive tryed something a poultry farmer told me to do , i have spare shed now and moved hens out of my old one for new ones in month or so he told me to clean shed fully then spray every where with diesel and air out a week or so im leaving a month he said kills everything even red mite so i shal see
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Re: red mite Dergall

Post by happy hen »

Has anyone tried "dergall" ? it's available as a concentrate from BHWT to mix as a spray. It's advertised as effective against northern fowl mite and scaley leg.....
For red mite you spray the house and birds after dark when the mites are active.
Dergall is a non-toxic and food-safe treatment which is applied as a spray to the chicken house and can also be sprayed onto birds without causing any harm. It works by mechanical action on the surface of where it is sprayed, creating a three dimensional structure (3D-IPNS™) which immobilises and traps the mites, destroying them. Dergall blocks their breathing apparatus, causing them to suffocate, dehydrate and die and carries on working for approximately three days after it has been applied.

Mixing and using Dergall is easy: mix into clean water at the rate of 10ml to 1 litre, a little goes a long way. Make the product up fresh to spray inside the poultry house, preferably when the birds are in darkness, or at the end of the day to maximise efficacy as mites only come out to find food when it is dark. Only use Dergall freshly mixed, so make up what you need, not the whole container.

Should you have a case of northern fowl mite cut off any debris from around the hen's rear (as this is where the northern fowl mite lays her eggs) then spray her rear and feathers with the Dergall at the same dilution, alongside the inside of the poultry house. Repeat in 5-10 days to destroy any newly-hatched mites from disturbing your birds. Destroy the feather clippings as you want to remove as many mite eggs as possible.

For cases of scaly leg mite, and to prevent it arising in your flock, you can either spray or dip the birds' legs into Dergall at the same dilution of 10ml to 1 litre of water. Repeat in one week to destroy newly-hatched mites.
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Re: red mite

Post by Shadrach »

Red mite shouldn't be too much of a problem because they live in the coop and not on the chickens.
Northern Fowl mite can be difficult to deal with as they live on the chicken. Permethrin powder or spray is what I keep here but I've only had to use it on rescue chickens so far.
I'm not keen on chucking chemical at everything and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that DE does anything apart from cause respiratory problems in humans and fowl alike.
I use a blow torch to clean the coops here. Bee keepers have been cleaning pests and propolis off bee hives with blow torches for many years. The advantage of the blow torch is it not only kills the mites, it kills the eggs as well. Not a lot survives 400 degrees centigrade.
Perch ends and construction joints are favorite hiding places for the red mite. For my coops which are sheet ply wood built the joints are minimal and I can strip everything out of the coop before treatment.
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Re: red mite

Post by Hen-Gen »

I would never recommend using Frontline for Cats because that would be an inappropriate use of this product and also against forum rules.
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Re: red mite

Post by Ellen Barry »

I once had those little pests. I gave the chickens a good dust bath with Diametacious Earth and I always keep the stuff at the bottom of the coop under the perches. No pests in sight anymore.
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