Advice for run structure please!

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Re: Advice for run structure please!

Post by Tweetypie »

Hi Bozza, I remember when I got my first 2 hens how excited I was the next morning to see that first egg!! I then became mildly obsessed by keeping a diary on the weight of each egg my hens had laid (I've 4 now). I even know which hen has laid which egg. My husband thinks I am nuts! :D
It sounds like you're eggstatic about your new additions, they really do make quirky pets, in addtion to providing us with yummy eggs.
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Re: Advice for run structure please!

Post by bozza »

Hi Tweety Pie and Marigold - yes, it seems I DID get them in time. The place I got them from were sold out by the following weekend, unheard of at this time of year. You don’t realise how daft folk are until something like this, do you? It’s quite worrying as places are selling out of feed, feeders and all sorts. Well, the first lot of eggs were eaten by me (don’t think anyone else wanted to deprive me of them to be honest!). They were small but yummy! I’m so enjoying having them. In these funny times they are getting me up and out nice and early and give my mind a bit of a break from CV stuff and all the changes at work. The timing was immaculate! I do hope you lovely lot are all weather this storm well!!
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Re: Advice for run structure please!

Post by bigyetiman »

Glad you got the hens in time, and you are being rewarded with eggs, they are a real oasis of calm I find, until they trip you up, or hide somewhere, then once you have really begun to despair stroll back into view quite casually
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Re: Advice for run structure please!

Post by PageMossFarm »

Wow! That run is amazing Bozza! Fancy building one in my garden?! I’m at the point of sketching ideas on bits of paper still but I think I’m ready to start clearing the ground now :-)17
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