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Eglu Go Up

Post by Bantams=Banter » Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:51 pm

Huge favour to ask please!!??

If anyone on here has an Eglu Go Up, please would you give me the exact dimentions in cm of the 2m run MINUS the fox-proof skirt?

I know this sounds like the answer should be 200cm x whatever the width is, but I've got a feeling it's less than that...

Thank you as ever...xx
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Re: Eglu Go Up

Post by Marigold » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:10 pm

The fox proof skirt is entirely outside the run itself. On my Eglu Classic it stuck out all round and I kept tripping over it, although I pegged it down. The actual sideways dimensions will be the same as given for the coop, as the run is attached to it. You will need the run extension as well, if at all possible. My friend has an Omlet cube with run extension and it's none too big, once you've allowed for drinker, feeder and dustbath, plus room for the birds to circulate and have some personal space to get away from aggression and feather pecking. Ideally, four chickens should have a run space of at least 8 sq.metres, or maybe a minimum of 6 if bantams, unless out to free range all day, which isn't possible in an area where there are foxes. This is a problem with all coops fixed to moveable runs - to be able to move the whole outfit, the runs can't be big enough to give ideal space for the chickens.
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